What should a school ‘do’? Be? 

How can we build/create a good school and not a bad one?

What should schools teach, and how? 

And how do we know if we’re doing it well? 

These are astoundingly important questions. Every academician keeps thinking and we are no different.

Maybe the first step in pursuit of an innovative and modern approach to teaching and learning might be to rethink the idea of curriculum as the core of learning models and not just stop with that.

In this era of information access and smart clouds, the content the school teach is far inconsequential and so the school should rather prioritize to design individual learning pathways for each student and inspire them to tap the opportunities available to them.

How can a school call itself ‘good’ when it produces students that don’t know themselves, the world, or their place in it?

Here at MGPS we try to do exactly that, by facilitating the children to think, explore and learn not just the subjects but ethics, values and most importantly their own selves. Sports, games and extra-curricular activities motivates the child to be more social and it significantly plays an important role in developing a healthy EQ.

We take great pride in calling our school a child friendly one which gives precedence to the child’s environment, and their happiness.