M.G. Public school does not focus solely on academic skills but provides a holistic program of Co-curricular activities such as Physical Education , Work Experience, Drawing & Painting, Music , Moral Education and uniform services are integrated in the curriculum.

The students are encouraged and provided with opportunities to participate in various competitions


Pupils are divided into four houses, which are named after the dynasties. House Systems are accordingly formed to lead the students to a spontaneous and whole-hearted involvement and growth in the discipline of the School. House system gives a sense of identity and belonging and helps a student to develop the finer aspects of loyalty, co-operation and team spirit. High standards are also maintained by proper motivation and healthy competition between houses.

• Cheran
• Cholan
• Pandian
• Pallavan


At MGPS we try to bring out the potential in each and every student through our fine arts club which conducts activities like:

• Drawing
• Painting
• Craft
• Clay Modeling etc..,

Music & Dance

We encourage every student to learn at least one musical instrument . To achieve this we have certified music instructors who have experience in western and classical music..

We also encourage students to actively participate and learn classical dances. We have trained teachers in classical & western dance.

Social Works

we show our children the other side of serving India, the ability to rise up when the scenario dictates is how we bring up our children. a vision to serve and to inculcate a tat desire. we have the following uniformed people daring, and raring to go to help the needy.

These bifurcations play a role in bringing out leadership qualities in every child,build them strong and change the view they look at this society.